Letter to the Editor Response to Alderman Dumas

To the Editor:

A Response to Alderman Dumas

I am not a resident of Starkville, but I work in Starkville, I have several family members that are residents of Starkville, I have many friends that are residents of Starkville, and I do most of my business in Starkville. So, I have a legitimate interest in the welfare of Starkville and I think these factors give me some standing to make the following comments on the 8/10/10 Starkville Daily News, Letter to the Editor, “Doing the same means we get the same” by Ward 5 Alderman Jeremiah Dumas.

I am not singling Mr. Dumas out. There are other members of the Board of Aldermen that show some of the same disturbing indications of bad leadership that he does. But he is the one who wrote the letter. Judging by city ordinances Mr. Dumas has recently supported, he seems to be bent on depriving residents of Starkville of their property rights. If this support alone did not convince folk of his liberal leftist leanings before, his 8/10/10 letter should remove all doubt – at least it has to me. Literally everything in his letter Mr. Dumas has freely written — with his own pen — reveals him to be a socialist and a globalist. His own words make it clear to me that Mr Dumas is not in favor of this being a free city — or even a free country. Because of these disturbing indications, I feel that his long letter requires a thorough response. Such a response makes my letter be long too…Even longer than it would have been had I not had to quote his letter in order for my reader to know to which portions I am responding. And just like the typical liberal, he fills his letter with dismissals and understatements of the good that is in the things he is AGAINST and with exaggerations of the alleged good that he claims will flow from the things he is FOR.

Consider the following (in quotations) from Mr. Dumas’ letter:

“I have read with considerable interest the many opinion pieces and articles in the paper pertaining to personal freedom infringement by the current and past actions of the Board of Aldermen.”

“I not only disagree with these statements but find it interesting that a community with our potential cannot see the benefit of local regulation in order for us to shed the past ideas of development that have produced the many unsightly areas of our community.”

1. Mr. Dumas tells us he “disagree(s) with …statements (residents of Starkville have expressed concerning) infringement… (on their) personal freedoms by the current and past actions of the Board of Aldermen.” But he does not explain why he disagrees and how the residents of Starkville are mistaken in this concern. Instead he does a mental and rhetorical fake and changes the subject to the irrelevant subject of the communities’ alleged inability to see the benefits of local regulation – as if local regulation concerns in Starkville, MS trump the Constitution of the United States… as if HIS goals for the community make stealing OUR freedoms OK.

2. When he is not outright ignoring our concerns, Mr. Dumas caricatures we who are concerned with infringements on our freedoms. He implies we have something physically or mentally defective in us that we “cannot see the benefit of local regulation.” We DO see the benefit of reasonable local regulation. But, perhaps our vision is superior to his, for we also see the disadvantages/dangers in the type of overbearing local regulation Mr. Dumas advocates. We are convinced that the damages/dangers of his regulation far out-weight any benefits it might have.

3. This is our city too. We like a lot of things about it. We don’t want to “shed the past ideas of development” that Starkville has used to get us to our current state. It surely is true that “past ideas” did, in part, lead to “many unsightly areas of our community.” But to say that these ideas directly “produced” the unsightliness is surely an exaggeration. Surely more than those ideas themselves were responsible for these “unsightly” areas. Reasonable people realize that nothing man does in this world is free from complications. We therefore expect unexpected consequences such as aesthetic shortcomings – at least on a temporary basis. We also realize that the mere existence of problems is therefore not necessarily grounds for replacement of an old system for a new one.

4. What is “unsightly” to Mr. Dumas is not necessarily unsightly to us. But Mr. Dumas apparently thinks that HIS standard of what constitutes attractiveness is the only one that should prevail in Starkville.

5. Mr. Dumas seems to think that HIS “new” Continue reading Letter to the Editor Response to Alderman Dumas

Letter to the Editor Response: Why the Tea Party Now?

Someone just yesterday showed me Noel Polk’s 12/22/09 Starkville Daily News Letter To The Editor, “Why has Tea Party waited until now to complain?”. I hear this question asked often, so I think this late response is still timely.

Polk wrote,

“What I want to know…is where were the Tea Partiers and their self righteousness when George Bush and Dick Cheney began the pointless politically-motivated money-hemorrhaging that’s now spending us into the oblivion that they now blame Democrats for? Would somebody please explain that to me? Please?”

It is unfortunate that Mr. Polk did not recognize that his answer is contained in the very way he asked his question. In his question, Polk correctly pointed out that Bush and Cheney (AND nearly all Democrats, but with many opposing Republicans, he omitted to say) BEGAN “the money-hemorrhaging that’s now spending us into…oblivion”. The “Tea Partiers” only came onto the scene (to strongly “protest” — not weakly “complain”) AFTER the money-hemorrhaging came to be recognized as the new trend of the new administration and its Democrat majority. Conservatives did not agree with Bush’s politically-motivated waste from the start, but for all we knew, that waste could have been a one-time “error”. We who spontaneously rose up to make the Tea Party Movement, did so only later, when it became obvious that Bush’s single error was being Continue reading Letter to the Editor Response: Why the Tea Party Now?

Signs at the 9/12/09 March in Washington D.C.

May contain some inaccuracy due to sign movement, distance, and other interferences that made reading the signs often fleeting and difficult. Also, some signage content was modified to remove profanity and improve (in the author’s judgement) accuracy. The words in parentheses are added by the author for clarification or explanation.


You LIE!

Socialists are just Progressives in a hurry (By definition, a “progressive” is a communist making, or attempting to make, “progress” towards transforming America into a communist country.)

Socialism is trickle-up poverty

You are “entitled” ONLY to freedom

“Capitalism is the worst form of government …except for all the rest.” – Winston Churchill

You are NOT “entitled” to what I earn

(Picture of Obama in Star Trek “Borg” cybernetic modification) “Resistance is futile…you WILL be assimilated” — NOT!

No more cash for these clunkers (referring to liberal Congressmen)

“For the first time in my life, I am ASHAMED of my country” (Paraphrase of Michelle Obama’s 2008 statement that “for the first time she was proud of her country”)

I just neutered my dog…now he’s a liberal

Brother, you AREN’T my keeper

Stop the war on prosperity!

Freedom MAKER (with a picture of a Founding Father) / Freedom TAKER (with a picture of a Liberal Congressman)

A list of things the government does well (Followed by blank empty space below)


You’re right…I DO need health care…you make me sick!

Change the change

When did freeloaders become more important than taxpayers?

(Speaker Pelosi acronym)
E nemy of the
L and,
O r
S tupendous
I gnoramus?

If you think health care is expensive NOW…wait until its “FREE”

If you don’t read the BILL…at least read the CONSTITUTION

“Man is not free…unless government is limited.” — Ronald Reagan

WASTE?…Find it before you spend it.

Senators…a vote against MY job, is a vote against YOUR job

Does destroying our economy REALLY help our poor?

Pull the plug on Congress — NOT the Constitution

The oil is in Texas…the dipsticks are in DC

Socialism…equal distribution of misery

Debt is the PROBLEM…how can it be the SOLUTION too?

Please don’t tell Obama what comes after “trillion”

(Sarcasm) Vote for higher taxes for your boss — put him out of business.

Elephants and asses…cheating the masses (referring to liberal Republicans and Democrats)

Obamacare: there’s free cheese in a mouse trap too

Fix what’s broken, instead of replace what’s worken

Obama justice… it’s OK to kill an unborn person — but NEVER EVER waterboard a terrorist.

Green is the new red

“Did I do that?” (With background picture of Obama head pasted on Steve Urkle who is looking at a graph charting the plunge of our economy since the beginning of his administration)

And some people thought Bush was an idiot.

(Photos of Pelosi, Boxer, and another California politician) They destroyed California…Now they are in Washington

Grow your own dope…plant a liberal.

The Second Amendment — America’s ORIGINAL homeland security system

If you’re not mad…your not paying taxes

If it SOUNDS like Lenin…and ACTS like Marx…it must be OBAMA

Obamacare: a clunker you can’t trade in

Do you know why our founders secured for us the SECOND Amendment? In case the politicians don’t keep the FIRST one.

(Obama photo with him wearing a Hitler moustache) “I‘ve changed”

Not a RACE issue…not a PARTY issue…just an old AMERICAN FREEDOM issue.


It’s national security, not health care that is in crisis

This is the USA…not the USSA

Prosecute ACORN, not the CIA

Stop spending and start cutting


Not with MY money!

(Pictures of Adams, Madison, and Jefferson) The ORIGINAL right wing extremists

Today’s state-controlled media:
ABC = All Barack Channel
CNN = Counterfeit News Network
NBC = Nothing But Crap
CBS = Controlled By State

Don’t tax me bro!

Just say “NO” to Chicago-style politics

Go Green…recycle Congress Continue reading Signs at the 9/12/09 March in Washington D.C.

“TEA’d off” Article Correction

On 16 April 2009 the Starkville Daily News published an article entitled “TEA’d off” that took one of my comments very much out of context. Here is my, “Letter to the Editor” response to that article.


To the Editor

“TEA’d off” Article Correction

Kelly Daniels, in her 16 April 2009, Starkville Daily News article on the Starkville Tax Day Tea Party, “TEA’d off”, said, “Robert J. Allen called the country’s elected officials “enemies of the state.”

What I really said is:

“Our country is in jeopardy of being destroyed from within by elected and appointed officials who give evidence of being outright incompetents and/or outright traitors — internal intentional enemies of the state. We may very well wake up one day to find our country has been stolen from us by these people. If we do, we will surely look back and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I DO something when I could have?” And we will have to answer this same question to our children and grandchildren who will ask it to us too.”

The article contained many typos and/or outright errors — most of which could be corrected by the reader by considering the context in which the “misquote” was made. My “quote” however, was not placed in a context, and so the reader would not know that I did not say what the paper said I said.

Again, what I said is,

“… officials who give evidence of being outright incompetents and/or outright traitors — internal intentional enemies of the state.”

A reasonable fair-minded person realizes that the term, “give evidence”, means that some people can, and may, interpret what these officials do as intentionally harmful to the nation. And reasonable people also know that the term, and the total statement that term is in, also allows for other, much-less-sinister, interpretations to be made: “incompetence” being but one of many such possibilities. The overall context of my speech may have suggested to Daniels that I DO interpret the actions of many elected and appointed officials in one or both of these ways — but I did not SAY I interpreted their actions that way. And I certainly did not state that the worse of the two mentioned possible interpretations actually describes (and accuses) these officials.

Read what I said. I did not say what the paper says I said. The paper owes me, and Starkville Tea Party, the organization which I represented in my speech, a correction and an apology.

(To read the text of this speech, go to robertjallen.org)

Thank you.