Signs at the 9/12/09 March in Washington D.C.

May contain some inaccuracy due to sign movement, distance, and other interferences that made reading the signs often fleeting and difficult. Also, some signage content was modified to remove profanity and improve (in the author’s judgement) accuracy. The words in parentheses are added by the author for clarification or explanation.


You LIE!

Socialists are just Progressives in a hurry (By definition, a “progressive” is a communist making, or attempting to make, “progress” towards transforming America into a communist country.)

Socialism is trickle-up poverty

You are “entitled” ONLY to freedom

“Capitalism is the worst form of government …except for all the rest.” – Winston Churchill

You are NOT “entitled” to what I earn

(Picture of Obama in Star Trek “Borg” cybernetic modification) “Resistance is futile…you WILL be assimilated” — NOT!

No more cash for these clunkers (referring to liberal Congressmen)

“For the first time in my life, I am ASHAMED of my country” (Paraphrase of Michelle Obama’s 2008 statement that “for the first time she was proud of her country”)

I just neutered my dog…now he’s a liberal

Brother, you AREN’T my keeper

Stop the war on prosperity!

Freedom MAKER (with a picture of a Founding Father) / Freedom TAKER (with a picture of a Liberal Congressman)

A list of things the government does well (Followed by blank empty space below)


You’re right…I DO need health care…you make me sick!

Change the change

When did freeloaders become more important than taxpayers?

(Speaker Pelosi acronym)
E nemy of the
L and,
O r
S tupendous
I gnoramus?

If you think health care is expensive NOW…wait until its “FREE”

If you don’t read the BILL…at least read the CONSTITUTION

“Man is not free…unless government is limited.” — Ronald Reagan

WASTE?…Find it before you spend it.

Senators…a vote against MY job, is a vote against YOUR job

Does destroying our economy REALLY help our poor?

Pull the plug on Congress — NOT the Constitution

The oil is in Texas…the dipsticks are in DC

Socialism…equal distribution of misery

Debt is the PROBLEM…how can it be the SOLUTION too?

Please don’t tell Obama what comes after “trillion”

(Sarcasm) Vote for higher taxes for your boss — put him out of business.

Elephants and asses…cheating the masses (referring to liberal Republicans and Democrats)

Obamacare: there’s free cheese in a mouse trap too

Fix what’s broken, instead of replace what’s worken

Obama justice… it’s OK to kill an unborn person — but NEVER EVER waterboard a terrorist.

Green is the new red

“Did I do that?” (With background picture of Obama head pasted on Steve Urkle who is looking at a graph charting the plunge of our economy since the beginning of his administration)

And some people thought Bush was an idiot.

(Photos of Pelosi, Boxer, and another California politician) They destroyed California…Now they are in Washington

Grow your own dope…plant a liberal.

The Second Amendment — America’s ORIGINAL homeland security system

If you’re not mad…your not paying taxes

If it SOUNDS like Lenin…and ACTS like Marx…it must be OBAMA

Obamacare: a clunker you can’t trade in

Do you know why our founders secured for us the SECOND Amendment? In case the politicians don’t keep the FIRST one.

(Obama photo with him wearing a Hitler moustache) “I‘ve changed”

Not a RACE issue…not a PARTY issue…just an old AMERICAN FREEDOM issue.


It’s national security, not health care that is in crisis

This is the USA…not the USSA

Prosecute ACORN, not the CIA

Stop spending and start cutting


Not with MY money!

(Pictures of Adams, Madison, and Jefferson) The ORIGINAL right wing extremists

Today’s state-controlled media:
ABC = All Barack Channel
CNN = Counterfeit News Network
NBC = Nothing But Crap
CBS = Controlled By State

Don’t tax me bro!

Just say “NO” to Chicago-style politics

Go Green…recycle Congress

Obama Ben Lyin

I don’t belong to the party of “No”…I belong to the party of “H_LL NO!”

Return to us our country — or get ready to be replaced.

Hey Obama…here’s a tip for you…keep the change

(Picture of AK 47 rifle) We came from Montana and Utah unarmed …THIS time…

Stop spending NOW

(Black sign with flames [of Hell] leaping up from the bottom and the question over them asking…) WHERE ARE WE GOING AND WHY ARE WE IN THIS HANDBASKET?

(On T-shirts) An ANGRY Mom Is Worse than an Angry Mob

It doesn’t matter what this sign says, you’ll call it racist anyway!

(On door of Porta-A-John) Acorn Field Office

(Picture of G. Washington talking to Congress about what it is doing and speaking to it with text message chatspeak. The caption below the picture says…) “George addresses today’s Congressmen” and in the picture a word bubble from Washington’s mouth reads, “WTF!” (which apparently stands for “What The Folly!”)

Two marchers walked with ponchos made of green indoor-outdoor carpet — apparently “confirming” Speaker Pelosi’s charge that at least SOME of the citizens opposed to President Obama and his “Healthcare” efforts are indeed not “grassroots”, but “Astroturf”.

Where are the indictments?

NO Acorn
NO Czars
NO Cap & Trade

Stop Wasting Our Tax Dollars

Boycott Mainstream Media Advertisers

Obama lied…Freedom died

Ask what you can do for your (“President” crossed out and replaced with “country”).

Silence is consent — Can you hear us NOW?

NO to socialist healthcare

Just say NO to:
More taxes
Socialized Health care
Bail outs

Next time READ THE BILL!

Obama lied… capitalism died

One nation under God — NOT government

Term Limits …is MY “hope” and “change”.

This is America — NOT Russia.

God bless America

Wake up America

(Liberal) Politicians are like diapers…They both need to be changed regularly — and for the same reason

(Sarcastic sign picturing a VERY skinny pig piggy bank with the question, ) “Don’t you wish your neighbor’s piggy bank looked like this?” … Support Class Envy… Redistribute Wealth

(More sarcasm) Stop Making Profit!…Report all capitalist activities to [email protected] .gov — ThePeoplesCube .com

Madame speaker…kiss our astroturf

Give me liberty or give me a death panel!

Congress enslaves America

Let’s take the crosshairs off the job creators

Audit the Fed

Read the Bill!

The only thing we have to fear is Obama himself (and Congress)

WALNUT (The conservative answer to Acorn)
W orkers
A gainst
L azy
N on-producers
U nited
T ogether —

Compassion is voluntary — NOT compulsory


(On T-shirts) Proud Member of the ANGRY MOB, and I VOTE!

(Cardboard, stick-handled, hand-operated fan with a picture of an outstretched palm-forward hand) Hands off my Health Care!

I’ll keep my guns, freedom, and money … YOU can keep the “change”

YOUR WALLET… The only place Democrats are willing to DRILL!

Don’t share my wealth — share my work ethic.

DHS Certified Right Wing Extremist — Armed with the CONSTITUTION!

Who are the COMMIE CZARS?

Impeach comrade Obama

Jews from former USSR say NO to Socialism

Doctors & Nurses Do Not Support Obama Care

Obama’s Plan: Never mind the cost and don’t read it

Marxism… The opiate of the asses (with a picture of a Democrat party-symbol donkey — or jackass)

(Picture of comrade Obama) “The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency” — Fidel Castro, GRANMA, Havana, 26 May, 2008 (By definition, a “progressive” is a communist making, or attempting to make, “progress” towards transforming America into a communist country.)

Congress…Keep your hands out of our pockets!

Bury Obama Healthcare — with Kennedy

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