Who Can Beat Obama in 2012?

Who Can Beat Obama in 2012?
Jun 23, 2011
Our next Presidential election will determine if the nation continues on the socialistic path that it is on, and that the Obama administration has placed us upon, or if it will elect a President (and Congressmen) who will reverse this trend and restore America back to the kind of nation it is Constitutionally designed to be, and that most of us want it to be.

This raises the question: “Who Can Beat Obama in 2012?”  I am of the opinion that any candidate that holds to traditional American Christian Conservative values (fiscal responsibility, limited and strict Constitutional government, traditional marriage, etc.)  can – and will – “beat” him.   It is unlikely, that a Democrat will challenge Obama, so, in this 2-party-system nation, (where a 3rd Party candidate has no chance of winning the “Big Office.”) the person who “beats” Obama will be a Republican.

The candidate that beats Obama will effectively use all media, including the web and social media, to remind the public of the attitudes, felonies, and blatant unconstitutional acttions* that we know and saw President Obama, and many Democrats, commit during the last 4 years.  These reminders, that angered most of us when they happened individually, will generate great and lasting anger when we hear them again, and all at once.  This candidate will courageously point these things out (in spite of the racist, intolerant, and uncivil irrelevant charges of “racist!,” “intolerant!,” “uncivil!”, etc. hurled against him/her) on the campaign trail and in the debates he has with Obama.

(*  Anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-marriage, anti-military, anti-transparency, anti-coal-and-drilling, anti-bill reading, anti-Israel, anti–job, pro-amnesty, pro-Islam, pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, pro-terrorist, bowing to Islamic leaders, apologizing for America, abuse of tax dollars, abuse of executive orders,  communist-leftist czar-proliferating, tax-increasing, deficit spending, debt increasing, no proof of illegibility, tampering with official documents, illegal campaign contributions, illegal use of campaign funds, TARP, government takeovers of GM, Chrysler, and banks, Stimulus Package, liberal-leftist Supreme and Federal Court nominations, forcing through Obamacare, refusing to enforce and support federal laws including “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the “Defense of Marriage Act”, unconstitutional Presidential war on Libya, and more. )

The candidate that beats Obama will NOT be a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  RINOs don’t hold many of America’s core values and are too busy behind closed doors compromising and misleading their constituents to actually oppose Obama in public. This candidate will NOT be a “CINO”? (Conservative In Name Only). These (like most leading Libertarians), DO hold MANY of our traditional values, but they don’t hold ENOUGH of them to effectively oppose Obama in all the areas in which he is doing damage.

The candidate that beats Obama will be a “REAL” Republican (= holds consistently to the traditional  fundamentals  of the historical Republican Party).  To get such a candidate “we the people” must be politically engaged enough to choose him ourselves.  We must not let the RINO leaders of the GOP “give” us someone like McCain again.  If we let the RINOs decide for us, it is likely that Obama will win again — and America will suffer even greater damage.

A REAL Republican candidate will expose Obama for the national disaster he is, and will educate many undecided voters against him. Throughout it all, the liberal pro-Obama media will assure us that Obama is going to win the election.  Don’t worry about it, America.  Just show up on election day and savor the landslide defeat of Obama, and many other Democrats, that you make happen.