Does a Christian Citizen of America Have Any Responsibility to His Country?

Does a Christian citizen of America have any responsibility, obligation, or duty he owes, to his country? Should we be involved in political things? Is it right, or wrong, or neutral, for Christians to run for office…to campaign for someone else who is running for office…to oppose someone who is running for office, or is already IN office…to go door-to-door and try to get signatures on petitions to the government…to try to get certain things passed into law…or certain things taken out of existing law?

This is not just a rhetorical question. This is a real and a very serious question. I am a co-founder of the Starkville Tea Party. Many of us in Starkville, as are millions in the Tea Party Movement throughout America, are deeply concerned for the safety and for the future of the United States of America. We look at Washington and see that our government, from the very highest office to the lowest staff member of over 70 of our Congressmen, of our Judges, and of much of the bureaucracy, has been thoroughly infiltrated and taken over by liberals, leftists, socialists, and outright-and-freely-admitted enemies of America. We see that these people actually constitute a majority in 2 Branches of our government and a near majority in the 3rd Branch. We see these people repeatedly ignoring the will of the people, we see these people changing things to be done in ways America has never done them – and which our Constitution actually forbids them to do – and seemingly getting away with it all. We see these people doing deliberate damage to America and we are genuinely fearful that these people may succeed in their generation’s-old goal of destroying us as a free nation. Do you see these things too? We are afraid that this may be the last generation that sees a truly free America.

Millions of us have risen up to stop these people and this destruction. In a spontaneous – and I think miraculous – grassroots uprising, millions of REAL Americans have organized patriotic organizations, marched on Washington and other major cities, and have worked to get out the vote for new non-establishment, non-incumbent candidates – to vote these domestic enemies of the state out of office and to replace them with REAL Americans and America-loving candidates.

We are doing what we can, and are always looking for new people to join us and help us in our effort to save our nation. And as we look, everywhere we go, we see a lot of people who, it seems to us, SHOULD be just as concerned and involved as we are, and who would be a lot of help in our effort, but who DECLINE to get involved. Most of the people we think would be natural and effective co-workers and allies in our effort, and who it seems to us would be happy to join us in our effort, but who HAVEN’T joined us, or some other concerned-citizen group – at least yet – are Christians.

You might be surprised to hear a list of “reasons” many Christians give to maintain that they basically don’t have any important DUTY that they are responsible to render to their country. These Christians take the attitude that God has given them the kind of country they have to live in, that regardless of what certain people say, its not that bad – for them at least — and as Christians they are pretty content with that and just go about their busy private lives Many Christians think that, if they vote, they are meeting their basic, reasonable duty as a citizen and that the rest of the needs of the nation can just take care of themselves – it will all work out OK in the end…it always somehow does…

I would like to go through as many of the reasons these Christians give to not be involved in the affairs of their nation, as I can. Many of the reasons I discuss are listed by Continue reading Does a Christian Citizen of America Have Any Responsibility to His Country?