Obama: a One-term President

Obama: a One-term President


Republicans openly admit that a primary part of our agenda has been and remains to make Mr. Obama a one-term president.

Liberals protest loudly, “SEE THERE!…SEE THERE!” as if this admission is a “gotcha” sort of moment for them… “That’s what Republicans state publicly and proudly they are going to do the rest of President Obama’s term. Is that any way to run a country? Is that behaving  like an adult responsible to larger interests?”

Liberals talk like wanting to limit Obama to only one term is a bad thing.   Conservatives talk like it would be one of the best things that could happen to America.

As a conservative Republican, I freely admit I hope Obama is only “a one-term President.”   Obama is the worst President America has ever had – as more and more people are recognizing and stating publicly.  I am among the current-18%- but-growing number who is convinced he is a Moslem – and yes, it DOES matter that a non-Christian, (even an anti-Christian) occupies the highest office in this Christian nation.  I also am convinced, by the policies he advocates and by the anti-America people he has put into high (even unconstitutional– especially his 44  “Czars”) positions in his administration – that he is a socialist (= communism “lite”).  I think the record, in just his first 2 years, shows that he is doing great damage to this nation.  And I think it is all intentional. I think that makes him a traitor.  I think he is deliberately attempting to overwhelm the infrastructure of this nation to the point of collapse.

If only part of this is true, what reasonable, America-loving person would NOT want to limit such a menace to only 1 term?  I wish we could use the impeachment process and make it much shorter than a full term.

And of COURSE this opposition is “behaving like a responsible adult.” What is “adult” and “responsible” about letting a known arsonist run through your house with a torch, destroying in the process the home of yourself and the loved ones who depend on you for protection?

In case I have not made myself clear, let me tell you what I, as just one man and as a private citizen, really think of Obama…  I say this to give a voice to others who think the same as I do but who cannot/will not/dare not say it.  I also say it to show other reasons why I think Obama should be a “less-than-one- term” President.

In my studied opinion, Obama is a liar and a cheat.  I KNOW (shouldn’t we all?) he is a “liar”, because he made lots of promises (total transparency, online posting of all bills for public examination 5 days before Obama signed them,  live C-SPAN coverage of Healthcare Negotiations,   yada, yada, yada) that he never kept.   I KNOW (shouldn’t we all?) he is a “cheat” because he has not/is not following the legal requirements to be where he is and do what he is doing (many examples to follow).

Contrary to what pundits continue to tell us, Obama did not run a “brilliant” campaign.  He merely allowed his handlers to spend $715 – $745 million *1 – much of it from illegal sources *2  – to finance his campaign (= buy the Presidency).  The liberal media gave him more millions in free very-positive “news” reports, did NO investigative reporting into his background, kept back from the public harmful important information that they DID know about him –  all the while sending a thousand “reporters” to Alaska to dig up whatever “dirt” they could hopefully find on (and use against) Sarah Palin.  All Obama had to do was practice his lines, follow the script laid out by his managers, and try to keep his wife from admitting incriminating things about the two of them.  All he had to do was not do anything so stupid that it could not be covered up or spun in a positive way.  It required no brilliance whatever from Obama to cooperate with all this.  Anybody could appear “brilliant” with such constant coaching, protection, acclaim, and promotion.

*1 (“Barack Obama Raised Over $745 Million During Campaign,” http://www.theinsider.com/news/1408634_Barack_Obama_Raised_Over_745_Million_During_Campaign)
*2 (“Ex-CIA Expert: Obama Took Millions in Illegal Foreign Donations, ”Ken Timmerman, October 29, 2008, http://www.newsmax.com/PrintTemplate?nodeid=339947)

Contrary to what pundits continue to tell us, Obama is not an “eloquent” speaker. As anyone who speaks on a regular basis knows, Obama is merely an average speaker.  But he IS a good public READER of eloquent words and phrases displayed on a Teleprompter that were written by a capable staff of speech-writers.  He is not even a particularly intelligent speaker – he really wasn’t kidding when he admitted some things are above his intellectual “pay grade.”  But worse than the average intellectual level at which he operates, is the way the real Obama shows through when asked about something his Teleprompter had not been programmed to guide him through.  It is then that we see the REAL Obama: an Obama that reeks of racism, is brazenly bigoted.  (Remember his knee-jerk Cambridge police/intruder reaction?…And his DOJ decision NOT to prosecute “black-on-white” crimes – only “white-on-black” crimes?) and is shockingly ani-America.

He does not have the instincts of a real (home-grown, patriotic) American. If Obama was a REAL American, do you think he would have said, in May 2008 while on the campaign trail in Beaverton, Oregon,”Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states. I think (sic) one left to go.” (57 States, snopes.com). What normal, 47- year-old real American, regardless of how much he allegedly “lost his bearings” in a stressful campaign situation, would even SAY THE WORDS that indicate there are 57 states in the Union?  Liberals covered for him in this and other gaffes, such as when they excused him for being “understandably detached” on issues that are high on the list of concerns of most Americans (no flag lapel pin, BP oil spill, Israel, National Day of Prayer, etc.).  But we need to realize that it is NOT that Obama is  “detached” – it is that HE IS NOT ONE OF US to even HAVE our concerns. As a Moslem, Obama has the instincts of a Moslem.  How could he not?  He lived 4 years (6-10 years old;1967-71) of his formative youth in Moslem Jakarta, Indonesia .  He has repeatedly revealed his Moslem instincts by his many unnecessary concessions to Islam, Moslem nations, causes, and individuals; and by his many unnecessary oppositions to both Israel, Jewish causes, and individuals, and even to Christian causes and individuals.  All of this is totally opposite to the preferences and allegiances of  most Americans on these matters.

Also, most Americans respect and honor our military and our soldiers.  Obama, however, is cutting our military, undermining their morale, and has often shown disdain for our troops. (Guantanamo, repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and hey…HOW ‘BOUT THAT CIVIL “TRIAL” of terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, who was directly involved in 224 deaths, but “found” guilty of only 1 [conspiracy to destroy buildings and U.S. property ] of the 285 counts against him?)

Because of all of this, and much more that could be said, all my senses of good taste and decency are offended by Obama and by the whole group of liberals/leftists that have placed him where he is and who empower him to stay there.  I don’t think he – or any of these people – are real Americans.  They don’t love America.  They don’t even LIKE America. Do I question their patriotism?  You bet I do!  I also question their intelligence – and their grasp of reality.

And personally, I place in the same category all the pseudo-intellectuals that defend Obama, and that condemn America.. These all enjoy in this country, the best life that man has ever enjoyed.  Yet, and in spite of their own personal benefits, they don’t like America. They bite the hand that blesses them.   And with their constant criticism, and “nothing-about-America-is-good-enough” liberal chatter, they encourage and empower a host of government officials and bureaucrats that are deliberately undermining our country.  Lenin is often credited with calling these liberals who “know so much that isn’t so”, “useful idiots.”   Lenin, and all tyrants like him, have tolerated these useful idiots as long as they did, and said, things that promoted communism.  But as soon as the communists took over, all those tyrants planned to eliminate these “idiots,” along with the truly informed populace – which is what they have always done in every country they have ever overcome.

So, yes, count me in…I want Obama to be (less than) “a one term President.”