The rich could use the same arguments that minority groups and individuals use.

For example, many left-leaning politicians have been saying for decades that “the rich are not paying their fair share” and we should “tax the rich” (to make up for government overspending shortfalls).  Don’t these claims and clique’s show that these politicians have targeted the rich, AS A CLASS – for one reason, and one reason alone – to get as much of their money as they can?  Is not this discrimination, based on socio-economic status, illegal?

And, aren’t politicians who are seeking the money of the rich engaged in a conflict of interest?  They SAY they are doing it for others, but don’t THEY have something to gain personally (a salary, and a smaller tax burden for themselves) should their efforts succeed?   Isn’t the use of their offices to secure for themselves personal gain illegal?

And why is it that the right to be secure in one’s own property does not extend to the rich?  The rich have the right to own money.  What is the honest justification for taking a higher percentage of their money just because they have more of it than most people?  If a rural citizen has more cows than an urban citizen, does that greater number constitute a claim of the city man for some of the country man’s cattle? No!  How is “money” different from “cattle”?

Is it a crime to be rich?  No!  So, why are taxes increased SPECIFICALLY on the rich: as if it is some sort of “sin” tax against them?  Why are the rich required to give a greater percentage of their money in taxes than the rest of us?  Why do politicians get away with acting as if “what is mine is mine but what is a rich man’s is mine too”? Why are the rich treated as second-class citizens like this?  Where is the “equal protection under the law” for them?

Why do rich people put up with this class envy and exploitation? Why don’t they organize like members of other minorities have done and start a  “National Association for the Advancement of Rich People (NAARP)” or  a “Rich People’s Anti-Defamation League (RPADL)”?

And if the rich won’t stand up for themselves, why do we lesser-endowed “money-challenged” people allow them to be singled out and victimized like this?  If we benefitted in NO way from the rich, it is still not right to stand idly by and watch them being cheated out of more and more of their property.

But as it is, the financial resources of the rich DO benefit us all: their money is both the engine and the fuel that builds and drives our whole economy.  If politicians can rob the rich, what is to stop them from robbing us next?   If we protect the rich, we protect ourselves.  That is why we fiscally conservative TEA Party members say to all “richophobic” politicians: “LEAVE THE RICH ALONE!”  If you continue to “soak the rich” you may kill the goose that lays America’s golden egg.