“Republican” : The Party of “No”?


To the Editor:

“Republican”: The Party of “No”?

Democrats like to call the Republican Party the “Party of No.”  The implication is, “THOSE MEAN OLD REPUBLICANS!  THEY NEVER LET US DO ANYTHING!  ALL THEY EVER TELL US IS ‘NO’! ”

The thing these Democrat whiners never explain is: “To WHAT are Republicans saying “No?”  The facts are, the Republicans are saying “No” to unrealistic, unreasonable, harmful things to which the Democrats are constantly saying “Yes.”

What is a mature, realistic, reasonable Party (or Parent for that matter) to do when someone they are responsible for demands they be allowed to do short-term foolish harmful things – no matter how popular, immediate-relief, PC  “feel-good,” “lovey-dovey”, “warm-and-fuzzy”- sounding they appear to their adolescent charges? ( “Let us go deeper in debt”…print more money…borrow more money…give away more money… Let us kill more babies…Let us weaken our military…Let us destroy marriage and the family…”  “EVERYBODY’S DOING IT…I WANT IT!  I WANT IT!… GIVE IT TO ME!”  Democrats keep insisting.)  The mature, realistic Party should, of course, do the adult thing and say “NO.”  And the NON Democrats ARE saying “No.”  THANK YOU REPUBLICANS!

In a delightfully fitting, unexpected and unintended homonymic twist of “poetic justice”, Democrats, in their adolescent rhetorical complaint, have unintentionally paid the Republicans (REAL Republicans – not RINOS) a high, and proper, compliment.  As a result of this twist, when I hear the Democrats describe REAL Republicans this way, I hear them saying, “The Republican Party is ‘The Party of KNOW’. ” And THAT is an accurate, and comforting, description.

Yes, indeed: REAL Republicans “know” what is realistic and reasonable.  And REAL Republicans thankfully have the courage, resolve, and real love for their country, and their countrymen, to stand up FOR realistic, reasonable, good and right things.  And they thankfully have the courage, resolve, and real love for their country, and their countrymen, to stand AGAINST the dangerous things that the Democrats, the liberal “old”  media, the liberal academics, and others are pushing that could literally destroy us.

These Republicans “know” the nation should go by the Constitution, they “know” we should get out and stay out of debt, they “know” we should be militarily strong, they “know” we should protect – not kill – our babies, and they “know” we should strive for the other things that have traditionally characterized America.


Thank you.

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